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The history of our company shows we are born as glazier, but also as retailers. So we know what to offer to our customers. In our shop in Via Montenapoleone we test our new product lines among an international and sophisticated clientele, before including them in our export assortment. The daily relationship with our customers has taught us that they don't search just a beautiful product, but an object affirming their personality.

Our first shop in Milan Milan, Via Borgospesso Milan, Via Verri Milan, Via Montenapoleone

1936 1948 1958 1975 1996
We are born in Milan as a shop: small, attractive and dedicated exclusively to retail sales of the factory in Empoli. Just 12 years later, Vetrerie di Empoli became a joint stock company and a new shop was inaugurated in Milan, bigger, well lighted and situated in a very prestigious street: Via Verri. Since then, well-off families and the upper middle class used to visit and purchase with full satisfaction. We decide to distribute our unique products also through other stores, thus creating a modern distribution network, and to participate in trade fairs. We open a new shop in Via Borgospesso, where we show the true 'caprice' of glass to a discerning and sophisticated clientele, between the famous walls enhanced with ancient frescos. Born on the crest of the past success, we move from Via Borgospesso to that icon of class that is Via Montenapoleone in Milan, in the heart of the "Quadrilatero d'oro".

Vetrerie Di Empoli
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