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Griffe Montenapoleone has created a new division: Griffe Service; by it, our team will support and assists all of those expert Interior Designer or specialist in the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering (HO.RE.CA) who need to offer unique, special or peculiar item to their customer or for their events.Thanks to our long experience in this particular field, we have supplied Royals as well as the Higher Class all around the world; we are able to work next to the trader to rich the maximum result for the final customer and for the business.

Bespoke Catering & SPA


Your Logo, your Coat of Arms, your Initials in a limited series of unique value: the engraving is made by hand, only with the help of antique tools and can reproduce any existing or imaginative drawing. The 'Satin' finish is perfect for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering: in fact, the crystal can go safely in the dishwasher.


Once we have engraved the crystal we can add Pure Gold, which will be laid by hand during the former working stage. More, we can enrich the borders and the lines of large vases as well as the little frame encircling your logo, with one or many golden stripes.


It is the newest trend when Gold is too much! With the same technique, when finished it is brighter in its own metallic colour, silver-grey, so perfect for contemporary and geometric subjects: no mistake if is used on a man's gift, a couple of whisky glasses, or on some symbols of technology or future venture.

Any product on our Griffe Montenapoleone main catalogue can be bespoke.



If you hire Catering Equipment for wedding, high society event or royal meeting, you want to know that we are able to supply, even with a short time notice, any quantity of goblets assorted in shape, colour and pattern.

If the event is hold in Italy we are able to hire them as well as selling to you.



Thanks to the growing attention and dedication Spas, Hotels and Resorts have for their important customer; we are more and more called to supply our products to these premises, owing to our wide assortment too.

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